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Positive ”TI/SA-Study” on shock absorber design

Department for Special Customer Requests helps BMW 1800 TI/SA back on its feet

Still a style-setter today, BMW introduced the ”Hofmeister kink” on the C-pillar of the ”New Class” in the 1960s. Motorsports fans at the time would have particularly liked to get their ”kick” out of the homologation model 1800 TI/SA, but this competition car moved only in very exclusive circles. With its 130 HP and features such as bucket seats and various transmissions the fast saloon was certainly something to get excited about. And if the adjustable BILSTEIN gas-pressure shock absorbers should ever become a little sluggish, the suspension experts at the Department for Special Customer Requests can still ensure pure driving pleasure today. This has been proven by a current project in which the no longer available shock absorbers have been reconstructed based on new individual parts.

Even when converted into Euro, the former price of the BMW 1800 TI/SA of 13,415 Deutsche Mark does not sound very high for what was on offer. It has to be taken into account, however, that an export model Beetle barely cost 5,000 Deutsche Mark at the time. But even millionaires could not get hold of these from BMW just as they pleased, as only 200 models of the "hot racer" were ever sold – and indeed only to licensed racing drivers. Just how extraordinary this vehicle was around 50 years ago is manifested by the fact that a contemporary Porsche 911 did not have any more power to offer.

In addition to the engine, which accelerated the 1800 TI/SA up to 192 km/h depending on transmission, the suspension in particular contributed to the fascination of the homologation model. Special springs lowered the centre of gravity of the vehicle by an additional 6 millimetres in comparison to the "normal" TI sport version and were combined with state-of-the-art mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers from BILSTEIN with racing characteristics. Although these had a very sturdy design, as BMW classic cars are still popular for use in historic motorsport events it is therefore inevitable that some defects have arisen after several decades of harsh use. Since spare parts are no longer available ex works, the BILSTEIN Department for Special Customer Requests comes to the rescue in these cases as demonstrated by a recently completed order.

The experts specialised in "hopeless cases" where original parts are no longer available. Often you only have to thoroughly overhaul the decades old shock absorbers by replacing wear parts such as seals and the oil and gas charge. If this turns out to be no longer possible due to serious damage or if the customer wants new parts, the specialists start a reconstruction based on new parts whereby the original specifications are recreated to the smallest detail. For the recently completed BMW 1800 TI/SA the old, originally installed BILSTEIN shock absorbers were used as a template for a thorough measurement and approval of all relevant parameters. The company's comprehensive archives often lend assistance in such operations, as they sporadically date back to the 1950s and then from the late 1960s are virtually complete. This has helped countless classic car owners to keep their vehicles roadworthy. After all, classic cars are so much more fun out in the wild than in a museum.

Το Τμήμα Ειδικών Αιτημάτων επαναφέρει τη BMW 1800 TISA στα πόδια της Το Τμήμα Ειδικών Αιτημάτων επαναφέρει τη BMW 1800 TI SA στα πόδια της 2

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