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Custom BILSTEIN B16 coilovers for 816 hp Nissan drifter

BILSTEIN B16 suspension for one of Europe's coolest drift cars

Italian bureaucracy makes life difficult for tuning fans, as many of the options common in other countries are simply impossible to legally run on the nation's roads, and this is compounded by a luxury tax on powerful cars. Developing an extreme drifter for track use is consequently quite an involved process and one fraught with the potential to get carried away. Brill Steel's Nissan Silvia S14 is a case in point, its 816 hp put to the tarmac with help from specially modified BILSTEIN B16 coilover suspension components.

The man responsible for this S14 is Enrico Sartori, his position at Brill Steel enabling him to turn his wildest drift car dreams into reality. Brill Steel is known throughout Italy for its ability to build some of the coolest and most uncompromising drift cars around, so it's safe to say that the project was in very good hands. This particular Nissan Silvia was built for full blown drift competition, specifically for racing in the "King of Europe" top drifters' league. The boys from Brill Steel began by callously ripping the 'heart' out of the Nissan, then set about marrying the chassis to a big, bluff American V8, something that's practically a house specialty!

This, by the way, is not a highly tuned racing engine, but rather the robust 5.3 litre LM7 Block which is usually found in pick-up trucks and larger GM SUVs. After all, you need a solid basis if you want a Garrett GT45 turbocharger to produce 816 hp and 1120 Nm torque, even more so when you realise that there's the possibility of upping the boost to 1.2bar and pushing for 1000 hp as and when the need arises! Sartori designed the setup so that the turbo itself now sticks out through the bumper in a very nonchalant fashion, which, combined with the flame-spitting exhaust that extends straight upwards like a steam engine, lends the whole car a steampunk vibe. A little anecdote: the gearbox now bolted to the V8 was taken from the E39 generation BMW 530d, and has so far proved able to handle the enormous torque and power figures with surprising aplomb.

Drifting has gone through something of a transformation in recent years, changing from a sport that was once the domain of somewhat clumsy street cruisers sliding round city corners, to a professional sport with a global following to match. In modern drift contests, even the smallest of errors will be heavily punished, more often than not resulting in a sizeable accident. What at first glance appears to be wild chaos is in reality a sophisticated dance, the choreography of which can only be achieved via a well thought-out suspension setup. This helps explain why Brill Steel turned to the BILSTEIN engineers at N.T.P when the time came to perfect their Nissan's suspension arrangement. The "BILSTEIN Technical Center" used components from the BILSTEIN B16 PSS10 coilover kit for the Nissan Silvia S14 – but nothing is just off the shelf. The clever modular design of the BILSTEIN hardware allowed N.T.P. to adapt the mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers to take into account the power, tyres, weight distribution and purpose of the car, while the lightweight design of BILSTEIN's components can only be seen as a positive from the point of view of a drifter.

To further improve handling, Brill Steel positioned the heavy V8 as far towards the passenger compartment as possible and installed a Wisefab conversion kit on the rear sub-frame for drift use. Factor in the aggressive geometry and the control offered by the drop links and uni-ball strut bearings respectively, and it should come as no surprise that this Nissan is now capable of laying down doughnuts at the merest blip of the throttle!

BILSTEIN B16 coilover για των 816 hp Nissan drifter BILSTEIN B16 coilover για των 816 hp Nissan drifter 2

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