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350 HP Ford Focus RS becomes new project vehicle

Next to the Ford Mustang, the new 2016 edition of the Focus RS is one of the fastest horses in the stable of the Ford works in German Cologne. The engineers even coaxed some extra horsepower from the same 2.3 litre Eco-Boost four-cylinder engine: all together that makes 350 HP (257 kW), as the number plate on the new Eibach project vehicle highlights. This means the hot compact car has even more power than the equivalent rally car in the WRC, where Eibach is the official team partner of M-Sport. As there is enough power, Eibach primarily focused on the cornering performance for the show car. The Pro-Kit Performance Springs are already installed, bringing the RS a good 20 millimetres closer to the asphalt. In addition to the improved optics, they reduce diving when braking and the rolling tendency of the body during cornering.

The Eibach Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacers, made of high-tensile-strength aluminium, give the fast compact car even more stable tracking as well as a commanding appearance. The Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit will be available soon to complete the suspension package. The Performance Stabilizer Bars reduce rolling and pitching during cornering and other fast changes in direction without altering the overall suspension characteristics.

A road vehicle with that much power and performance should be allowed to have a bit of rally livery. The design of the Focus RS from Eibach therefore follows the official M-Sport design. A tuning catalytic converter from project partner HJS, which is perfect in combination with any type of sport exhaust system, provides a 35 % reduction in exhaust backpressure. OZ and Michelin are also involved in the project, providing an ideally tuned setup for road and race track for the Focus RS with the Pilot Super Sport and the Cup version in the size 235/35 ZR19 on the wheel design Leggera HLT in 8x19 inch. Those who want to see the car live will have the opportunity at the Rally Deutschland in Trier/Germany (18 to 21 August), or at the German Essen Motor Show (26 November to 4 December).

Των 350 ίππων Ford Focus RS γίνεται το νέο εταιρικό αυτοκίνητο

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