Behr Hella Service
Behr Hella Service

New compressor range in OEM quality

The ideal supplement to BILSTEIN air suspension modules

BILSTEIN is not only regarded as a true pioneer in the area of conventional gas-pressure shock absorbers, the company has also made a name for itself as an OEM for high quality air suspension modules. The range is now supplemented with high quality compressors as replacements for standard parts.
Air suspensions combine comfort and dynamics unlike virtually any other system. Even with pneumatic suspensions, repairs due to leaks can become necessary after thousands of miles. In addition to the actual air suspension module, the associated compressor often has to be replaced, while in the closed systems of passenger cars it is subject to significantly less wear and tear than in the open versions of utility vehicles.
BILSTEIN now offers an extensive compressor range as replacements for standard parts, which is particularly attractive for repair workshops. This means that all components are new parts, which makes them clearly superior to refurbished used parts when it comes to service life. The compressors are manufactured in uncompromising OEM quality and according to the specifications.
The compressors are available for Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221) and M-/GLE-Class (W164, W166), R-Class (W251, V251), GL-/GLS-Class (X164), and Vito/Viano (W639), as well as for BMW 5 Series Touring (E61) and X5 (E70), and X6 (E71). More variants will follow soon.

MB S-Class (W221)
Article number: 10-255605
MB M-(new GLE-)class (W166)
Article number: 10-255650
MB M- (new GLE-)/GL-(new GLS-)class (W164/X164)
Article number: 10-255612
MB R-Class (W251/V251)
Article number: 10-255636

Article number: 10-255643

MB Vito/Viano (W639)
Article number: 10-261316
BMW 5 Series Touring (E61)
Article number: 10-256503
BMW X5/X6 (E70/E71)
Article number: 10-256510

Νέα σειρά συμπιεστή σε ποιότητα πρώτης τοποθέτησης Ιδανικό συμπλήρωμα για τις αεραναρτήσεις BILSTEIN Νέα σειρά συμπιεστή σε ποιότητα πρώτης τοποθέτησης Ιδανικό συμπλήρωμα για τις αεραναρτήσεις BILSTEIN 2

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