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Innovative air cleaner concepts for tight installation spaces

With EXALIFE and VarioPleat, MANN+HUMMEL offers two innovative air cleaner concepts that enable a variety of alternative installation positions, even in compact installation spaces.

EXALIFE air cleaner concept for installation in narrow and flat installation spaces

Καινοτόμα φίλτρα αέρα για εγκατάσταση σε μικρούς χώρους

VarioPleat air cleaner concept with variable pleat height

Καινοτόμα φίλτρα αέρα για εγκατάσταση σε μικρούς χώρους 2

Less and less space is available for components such as air cleaners and air intake systems in commercial vehicles. The compact design of the vehicles, comfort components and exhaust gas after-treatment systems in particular place further limits on the installation space. It is to be expected that the installation space will become even more restricted in future. In order to exploit the remaining space to best effect, MANN+HUMMEL has therefore developed flexible air cleaner concepts.

With its oval-conical shape, the EXALIFE air cleaners are ideal for narrow and flat installation situations. These are suitable, for example, for installation behind the driver's cabin or on top of the engine under a long hood, as is typical in American trucks. Filters according to the EXALIFE concept also excel due to significantly lower pressure loss than air cleaners with axial-flow used for similar applications. One big advantage here is the reliable radial sealing concept familiar from round filters. MANN+HUMMEL has production capabilities for this filter version worldwide. A safety element is available as an option.

A major step forward has been made by the filtration specialist with its innovative VarioPleat air cleaner concept. Here, pleat heights of up to 300 millimeters can be achieved thanks to a manufacturing technology that is unique worldwide. Individual filter pleats of differing heights can also be implemented. This permits the filter element to be optimally adapted to the available installation space and interfering contours, for example the wheel arch. Gradual transitions and pleat steps are also possible. With the VarioPleat concept, air cleaners can thus be much better adapted to the available installation space than is the case with any other products available on the market. Compared to current axial-flow concepts, a significantly lower pressure loss is achieved with VarioPleat.

Depending on the region and country, urea tanks for emission control or other elements have increasingly occupied the traditional position of the air cleaner behind the cabin. MANN+HUMMEL is therefore presenting alternatives to the previously typical installation positions. On the MANN+HUMMEL booth at the IAA Commercial Vehicles, visitors can see a special display showing the VarioPleat and EXALIFE concepts as well as a current standard round filter featuring an integrated dust pre separator. This is installed in the vehicle, as shown on the display, upright in front of the wheel.

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