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The perfect package for Deutsche DHL StreetScooter with Bilstein shocks

In the '60s and '70s, the German “Deutsche Post” was already using a delivery vehicle designed specifically for its needs, the VW Fridolin type 147. Now, the world's largest logistics company is going one step further. The electric vehicle StreetScooter has been developed together with a start-up company that emerged from the project of two professors from the Aachen RWTH campus. With its asynchronous motor performing 30 kW, the delivery van can be driven up to 80 km at a maximum of 80 kmph, which is entirely sufficient for its range of operation. The practical qualities, such as the load space of more than four cubic meters (allowing a vehicle load capacity of 650 kg) are far more important than high performance data. This results in a huge spread between an empty and a full vehicle, and leads to high demands on the shock absorber set-up. Therefore the expertise from thyssenkrupp Bilstein was called upon directly for the pre-series comprising of 150 vehicles.

The permissible gross weight of a fully loaded StreetScooter is 2,130 kg. At the end of a long day of deliveries, the weight carried could be less than over half a ton. To provide balanced damping behavior across the entire spectrum, the adjustment must be carried out very carefully. Otherwise, depending on the situation, the vehicle quickly acts with over or under damping, causing a negative impact on both comfort and safety. The components supplied by thyssenkrupp Bilstein already proved themselves in the testing phase, which is why the company has also been selected as a supplier for the mass production. The production has been running since April and around 2,000 StreetScooters are to be produced this year, with up to 30,000 being expected in the long term. In its long history, the Deutsche Post has often been engaged with electrically powered delivery vehicles and has carried out a great deal of pioneering work in this field. However, the technological portents have never been as promising as they are today. The delivery staff themselves are highly impressed with their first StreetScooters.


Το ιδανικό πακέτο για τα Γερμανικά ταχυδρομεία DHL με αμορτισέρ thyssenkrupp Bilstein 2 Το ιδανικό πακέτο για τα Γερμανικά ταχυδρομεία DHL με αμορτισέρ thyssenkrupp Bilstein 1

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