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Racing giant with incredible agility

BILSTEIN sponsors one of the most successful European truck racers

Jochen Hahn’s race truck weighs 5,500 kilograms, similar to the weight of an African elephant bull. The engine even surpasses the performance of the legendary F1 turbo engines from the 1980s, if one can compare them based on the race set-up. These facts convey a certain fascination which quickly turns into excitement when seeing the trucks of the European Truck Racing Championship in action. One of the most successful truck racers in recent years, Jochen Hahn, relies on BILSTEIN shock absorber technology.

Truck racing is a relatively new sport that originated from the USA in 1980. This mega event surrounding the swift giants quickly became popular throughout Europe and in 1985, the first European Truck Racing Championship took place. Since 1994, the International Automobile Association, FIA, has hosted the series. The European Truck Racing Championship in its current form has existed for exactly ten years. Jochen Hahn is one of the most successful and renowned drivers of the series. He has driven fast trucks since 2006 and has claimed winning podium finishes since 2009. He won the European Championship from 2011 to 2013 and was runner-up in 2014. In the current season, the 42-year-old driver is in second place after two of nine races.

In addition to his talent for driving fast trucks and his own long-standing experience, Hahn naturally relies on top class material. In 2015, his race truck was built from scratch based on a MAN TGS 18.480 and equipped with special designed gas-pressure shock absorbers from the BILSTEIN MDS range for professional motorsports. After all, the right performance is needed not only on the straights but also in the numerous bends of the European race circuits, such as the Nürburgring, the Red Bull Ring and the Hungaroring. Consequently, the championship is carried out on tracks which are intended for much smaller racing cars. The BILSTEIN Modular Damper System (MDS) is also geared towards lighter racing cars of one or perhaps two tonnes. Even so, the MDS kit has already provided a lot of material for the customized aluminium shock absorbers. In this case however, the 14 mm piston rods specially produced by the BILSTEIN motorsport team are a striking design feature.

Jochen Hahn’s race truck also has a lot of power. Those who are familiar with the MAN model designations can conclude that a TGS 18.480 is normally sold with 480 hp. Thanks to numerous modifications to the engine, Hahn Racing’s “racing elephant” reaches roughly 1100 hp and the standard torque has also more than doubled. Exactly one newton meter is available per kilogram of vehicle weight, which amounts to 5,500 Nm.

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