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Bilstein equips Jaguar XE, XF and F-PACE

Cats are known for their exceptional sure-footedness and agility: English Jaguars on four wheels are no exception to this rule, moving smoothly across any terrain. High performance shock absorbers from thyssenkrupp Bilstein are an attractive add-on for the new XF, the latest XE and the F-PACE SUV. They master the balancing act between comfort and sportiness with unrivalled perfection – whether as an all-wheel drive or with classic rear-wheel drive.

BILSTEIN gas-pressure shock absorbers with semi-active DampTronic® technology are responsible for the wide stance of the suspension setup. The electronic damping force adjustment allows a setup that independently and continuously adapts to the current requirements: an additional sensor system records the current driving situation and vehicle condition in a central control unit. A solenoid valve then effects the optimum damping force on each individual shock absorber. This means that a variety of different setups can be implemented with only one suspension. Attractive products such as these and uncompromising quality "made in Germany" already were the deciding factors many years ago for the cooperation between Jaguar Land Rover and BILSTEIN allowing the XK, XJ, F-TYPE and many other models to bare their teeth at any kind of asphalt.

Η thyssenkrupp Bilstein εξοπλίζει τις Jaguar XE XF και F PACE 2 Η thyssenkrupp Bilstein εξοπλίζει τις Jaguar XE XF και F PACE 1

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