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BILSTEIN aerodynamic shocks for ByKOLLES RACING

Drag coefficient is the downforce generated by various spoilers. The aerodynamics of a racing car are a science in themselves. And above all: the flow conditions certainly do not remain static, they change permanently. The front end may dip heavily when braking and the balance between left and right sides of the vehicle may change dramatically when cornering. Ideally, however, the vehicle height should remain as constant as possible. This raises a number of questions, especially for the "aerodynamic monsters" of the long distance class LMP1. Shock absorber expert BILSTEIN has found the right answers for the privateer team of ByKOLLES RACING.

"Shock absorbers are highly versatile and can be also used outside their primary context," says Daniel Pitsch, development engineer at BILSTEIN. In addition to its suspension system, ByKOLLES RACING’s LMP1 has two additional shock absorbers which ensure that the vehicle height is as constant as possible. Their design presented the experts with challenges. With a total length of 590 millimeters, the special solution has a piston diameter of only 36 millimeters. Moreover, the weight is extremely low at only 700 grams.

Apart from the dimensions, the working principle is also different than with typical suspension dampers. "There are no springs," says Daniel Pitsch: "it’s a damper-only solution." The goal is to eliminate vehicle body movements – whether lengthwise or crosswise – as completely as possible by means of the hydraulic resistance and related frictional effects. Therefore, the aerodynamic components always remain in their optimum operating range.

Particularly with the LMP1 cars, which have nearly completely exhausted the limits of technical regulations, the various spoilers generate several hundreds of kilos of downforce, which need to be well placed. The BILSTEIN aerodynamic dampers are double-adjustable for a perfect set-up and can therefore be adapted individually.

For individual solutions like this, BILSTEIN has not only a qualified motorsports department, but also the department for special customer requests. This department is able to develop and produce shock absorbers for virtually any application area. Recently, their experts designed, e.g., a shock absorber which significantly reduces pendulum movement of electric overhead conveyors used in logistics. Compared to this, the solution for the LMP1 cars of ByKOLLES RACING almost appears conventional.

BILSTEIN αμορτισέρ αεροδυναμικής για την ByKOLLES RACING 3 BILSTEIN αμορτισέρ αεροδυναμικής για την ByKOLLES RACING 2

BILSTEIN αμορτισέρ αεροδυναμικής για την ByKOLLES RACING 1

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