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Hella Gutmann enables DoIP on current vehicles with an Ethernet

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Hella Gutmann enables DoIP on current vehicles with an Ethernet interface – at o additional cost

 DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) has caused some uncertainty in recent times. The Ethernet-based vehicle diagnostics

communication protocol provides automakers with a solution for managing the ever growing data volume in vehicles. DoIP, which will also feature in WWH-OBD, ensures

higher data rates. Complex diagnostic tasks and Flash applications can be executed much faster.


DoIP embedded in the software structure

The introduction of DoIP raises certain questions. Do the new, high-performance data transfer protocols present problems for independent workshops? Will workshops soon

need to invest in new diagnostic tools? As far as Hella Gutmann Solutions is concerned, the answer is a definite “no”. Users of a regularly updated mega macs

diagnostic tool will be able to diagnose vehicles equipped with an Ethernet interface.


There will be no need for additional investments.

Hella Gutmann Product Manager, Ralf Gutekunst, affirms that “Investing in a new mega macs system will definitely not be necessary. Our software developers were able to

implement the new requirements in the diagnostics software. All diagnostic functions right through to calibration/adjustment and coding can be carried out on current vehicles

– such as the Volvo XC90 or the 2016 models of the Audi A4 and the BMW 5 Series – which communicate via Ethernet.”


Backward compatible adapter for future DoIP protocols

Hella Gutmann is prepared even if manufacturers will introduce additional, currently unknown Ethernet transmission protocols in the future. In this case, mega macs users

will benefit from a particularly efficient solution: an optional universal adapter which is coupled with the VCI or the OBD interface of the vehicle and which functions like a

switch. It then simply takes on the task of protocol manager and even automatically detects that a vehicle is working with DoIP. Individual adaptations take place entirely in

the background thanks to the mega macs software’s ability to handle specific requirements. For the user this means that vehicle diagnostic procedures remain


As users have come to expect from Hella Gutmann, the forthcoming adapter also has additional benefits: “It includes two small LEDs for lighting and is backward compatible”,

states the Hella Gutmann Product Manager. This means that if an automaker were to discontinue the current (OBD) interface of an older vehicle model and only permit

Ethernet diagnosis, the Hella Gutmann customer can simply use the DoIP adapter and perform a vehicle diagnosis as usual.


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